Producer/Director Danielle Earle from LA Web Series Award Winning Series "Brooklyn Is In Love," presents her upcoming feature film "Lover's Game," starring Crawford Collins, Miranda McCauley, Paul Sheehan, Andrew Nielson and Tenience Johnson. 

The new film "Lover's Game," is a love story of seduction, art, and the emotional battles that bend and break us.

Vincent and Annabella are a wealthy couple living in New York City. They want to have a child, but discover that children will never be a possibility. Soon, their ambitions of family causes an effect with their marriage. One day Annabella, meets a painter named Gillian; a seductive, exotic lesbian painter who changes her whole perspective on her future plans with Vincent. 

Their friendship becomes closer, after Anna offers her an opportunity to showcase her artwork at her Gallery opening on Wednesday night. 

Soon, Anna and Gillian's relationship becomes closer, which leads to a love affair, that causes a roll coaster of emotions of betrayal, seduction that eventually cause Anna to reach her breaking point.

Nominated for 3 categories at the Hudson Valley International Film Festival for Best Narrative, Best Director and Winner for Best Actress Crawford M. Collins for "Lover's Game." 

After winning 3 Web Series Awards from the LA Web Series Festival in 2012 and being the center story of major media platforms, such as Social Media Monthly, Curve Magazine, Time Out, Village Voice, and News 12 New Jersey. She has been featured in the Q&A with Emily Best CEO and Founder for Seed & Spark and X Factor Films for Directed By Women Happy Hour Segment. Danielle Earle is finally made a name for herself as being considered " the female producer that never backs down, and never giving up." Earle says, "Pain is all apart of the journey, and that's why I love writing love stories so much. The beauty and self identity in what is painful, but at the same time, it's what makes us stronger, and more determined. As a Producer, I've delt with having to roll with the punches. I told myself, "Quitting is easy, but hangng in there is the hardest part. It shows the power in your ability more than anything else." 

What's Next? Danielle Earle just wrapped a feature film for LGBT Love Stories, as the Director, and Writer of the L Segment produced by Shelbe Chang. Stay tuned for "Lover's Game" out in September followed by "The Haunted Mind Of An Insomniac" feature film starring Ebeneezer Nii Sowah, Meridith Nicholaev, Emily Dalton, Jamal Crowelle, Jacob Corbett, Kim Akia, Kurt Sauer, and Emily Bennett. 
INTERVIEW w/ Producer/Writer/Director 
              DANIELLE EARLE
Jan Miller Corran
Jan Corran was Born in Iowa and moved to SF Bay area 24 years ago. She is a neuro-psychologist and CEO of major mental health and geriatric facilities in the Bay area. A published author and playwright, her claim to fame- Watching her play Three Women in a Box”in NYC off Broadway production. Consultant to the Academy Award nominated documentary Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter and to the award winning You’re Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I Don’t which was a featured in 2013 on PBS Independent Lens. 

Her renewed enthusiasm was sparked when she contributed to the campaign to produce A Perfect Ending (Soul Kiss Films).

  • 2014 – Times Like These (executive producer)
  • 2014 – Raven’s Touch (executive producer) (post-production)
  • 2013 -Lover’s Game (associate producer) (filming)
  • 2013 Out & Around (Documentary) (executive producer) (post-production)
  • 2012 Alfredo’s Fire: A Vatican Stonewall (Documentary) (senior producer)
  • Mad About the Boy (associate producer)  (filming)
  • I’ll See You in My Dreams  (Executive Producer) (pre-production)